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At CoverMe, our mission is to help you protect your most valuable assets–your people. Make your job safer, comply with OSHA regulations, save money, and keep your project moving with CoverMe. Our CoverMe floor hole covers meet and exceed all OSHA requirements for commercial and residential projects.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the purpose of CoverMe hole covers?

Achieve a more eco-friendly building project by utilizing our water-resistant, reusable hole covers, eliminating the need for expensive plywood that ends up in the dumpster.

Do these hole covers meet OSHA requirements?

Yes. OSHA requires any hole two inches wide or greater to be covered on the job site, and CoverMe meets all OSHA requirements of a floor hole cover.

These requirements include: 1910.23(e)(7)(iii), 1910.23 (a)(8), 1910.23(a)(8)(i), 1910.23(a)(8)(ii), 1910.23(a)(9), 1926.502(i)(2), 1926.502(i)(3), 1926.502(i)(4).

Are they reusable?

They are! These floor opening covers are recyclable and reusable. Not only does this save you time and money on project costs, but it also leads to more eco-friendly building processes.

What sizes do you the hole covers come in?

We currently offer two sizes that can adjust to cover a range of hole sizes. We have a standard 2-6″ cover (as well as a wedge). The second product we offer is a large 6-12″ cover. Please reach out to us for our soon-to-be-released products, including larger rounds (12-24 inches) as well as rectangular floor covers for floor penetrations that are close together and close to walls.

What is the standard wedge hole cover used for?

The wedge cover looks like we cut a piece out of it, and it’s intentional! You can use these for holes right next to each other. You can position one regular hole cover next to one with a knock-out.

How big of a hole can they cover?

Our CoverMe products can cover holes from two to 12 inches, depending on the size of cover you purchase. Again, larger sizes are coming soon, so don’t hesitate to reach out to us.

How much weight do CoverMe hole covers hold?

Our standard 2-6″ are capable of supporting up to 3,000 pounds depending on the size of the hole. Additionally, our large 6-12″ cover can hold up to 1,300 pounds (again, depending on the size of the hole).  Our 2-6″ wedge can hold up to 1,750 pounds.  The 2-4″ small rectangle can hold up 875 pounds and the 2-6″ large rectangle can hold up to 750 pounds depending on the size of the holes.

Are CoverMe hole covers adjustable?

Yes! They are designed to adjust to your specific needs. Our hole covers conveniently offer one solution for multiple hole sizes.

Are there any other products coming out?

Yes! We’re continually striving to expand our product line to fulfill the needs of the construction industry. Currently, we’re working on the sizes, shapes, and functionality of our hole covers. For more information about what’s on the horizon for CoverMe, give us a call!