About Us

About Us
Cover floor holes faster, cheaper, and safer with CoverMe

Hole Covers Designed for Fall Protection

At CoverMe, our mission is to help you protect your most valuable assets–your people. Make your job safer, comply with OSHA regulations, save money, and keep your project moving with CoverMe. Our CoverMe floor hole covers meet and exceed all OSHA requirements for commercial and residential projects.

No Tools Required

Stop wasting precious time and labor. Our CoverMe hole covers are designed to adjust without expensive labor or tools–in 30 seconds or less.

Reusable and Recyclable

Achieve a more eco-friendly building project by utilizing our water-resistant, reusable hole covers, eliminating the need for expensive plywood that ends up in the dumpster.

Owner & Founder, Steve Millman

Steve’s extensive experience in the construction industry has inspired a life-long passion for problem-solving. After tripping over a piece of plywood that had been moved to accommodate an extension cord, he looked up to see his entire job site littered with the same hazard. He knew there was a better way, and Cover Me was born.

Q&A with Steve

Why hole covers? Where did this idea come from?

Having grown up in the construction industry, I’ve witnessed the rapid advancement of new construction technologies. From self-healing concrete to advanced construction robotics, I’m amazed at our capabilities in construction today. Yet, every time I’m on a job site, I see the ground littered with plywood used to cover floor penetrations. How is it that we’re so advanced in other aspects of the industry, yet this is our best solution?

To stay OSHA compliant, any floor penetration 2” or moremust be covered. Today, that means a skilled worker drags a heavy saw to the site, cuts a piece of plywood, screws in a 2×4, secures it to the concrete and then spraypaints the word “hole” on it. This process is expensive and time-consuming. Even worse, these pieces of plywood get moved around or taken off, so the trades can run electrical cords or conduits, and another hazard is created.

After tripping over one of these on a job site, I knew there had to be a better, cost-effective way to keep workers safe from fall hazards.

What was the process of taking this idea in your head to a fully patented product?

It has been a crazy process and took over three years of trial and error. I wanted the product to be easy to install, load-bearing, reusable, and far more affordable than the old way. Initially, I was stuck on the notion that the product had to have gears. So, for over a year, we prototyped these complex, expensive models where you would crank little gears to make the hole covers adjustable.

At one point, I just walked away from it for almost six months. But I still couldn’t get this idea out of my head. Back at the drawing board, I started going to job sites to get feedback from the trades.

Then I worked on a project in my garage and used a retractable knife, and something just clicked. I thought maybe we could create sliding, tension-based clips that would secure the cover to whatever size hole you had. We prototyped, tweaked things here and there, and after adding the weather-stripping, we finally moved to production.

What kind of feedback are you getting from the construction industry?

While OSHA can’t recommend products, they are thrilled to see a product like this hit the market because it makes safety easy and affordable. We’re also getting great feedback from the trades. Anyone fined for an uncovered floor penetration could have avoided it in 30 seconds or less with CoverMe!

What’s next for CoverMe?

After going to several trade shows and meeting with contractors on the job site, we saw a need for a rectangular version of the hole cover. These cover holes that are close together and holes that are close to a wall. Another request we hear is for a larger size of the round hole cover. We’re working on one that covers holes from 12 to 18 inches, and even prototyping an 18 to 24 inch model, both of which should be available soon!

Meet the Team

Ashley Grant,
Business Development Director

With a background ranging from professional chef to software sales executive, Ashley is embracing the opportunity to work in a new industry while supporting Steve’s entrepreneurial efforts in the construction safety space. As Business Development Director, Ashley is responsible for identifying new sales channels, building relationships, and increasing brand awareness. After ten years in Chicago, Ashley is happy to call Michigan home with her fiancée and three crazy dogs.

Brianna Teachout,
Operations Manager

A native of Michigan, Brianna’s sales background made her the perfect addition to the CoverMe team. Brianna ensures day-to-day business operations are running smoothly while also coordinating all CoverMe events. In her spare time, she enjoys spending time with her family and traveling to new places.

Grace Vachon,
Director of Marketing

Tech-savvy, creative and always up for a challenge, Grace is the backbone of CoverMe’s brand. When she’s not busy being a creative genius, she enjoys tending to her beloved houseplants and coming up with new solutions to keep her dog, Rocco, from eating them.

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